Hello I am Neko.  I have been exploring my dreams ever since I could remember. Dreams play such an important part in knowing yourself, the world, and many deeper truths from within and without. My aim is to provide you with as much insight as possible so you can take your subconscious messages and use them to transform your reality into the world of your dreams.

My articles will  give fuel to your mind’s burning curiosity and will inspire beautiful dreaming.  I am available online and in person for you to discuss anything dreams and levels of awareness.

Click here to check out how to further your own dream analysis and integration of their messages. Remember to have a look to the right of the page to jump to a category that may be best suited to your inquiring mind.

Connect with Neko on Facebook and Twitter

If you have any suggestions or questions please drop by my Facebook Page, and talk to me on the wall. If you have a simple question about your dreams please feel free share! Asking can help you and other people who stop by.

You will also find me on twitter as @dreamerneko. It’s a great idea to sign up on twitter, as you will receive update any time a new article is posted on the site.

We easily forget how connected the collective (un)conscious is – with so much going on globally and astrologically, people are drawing more parallels between their lives and what they are dreaming. So be sure to check back here regularly and sign up on your social media sites so you can make the most of your sleep, and your waking life!

Personal Readings: Via email, skype or personal session

I offer both online and personal consultations. Ultimately, I want you to get the most from your dreams and reading experience. Please click here to be taken to the Personal Readings page.

Dreaming with Neko is also featured on the Silent Voices website and in their quarterly printed magazine, so you will find some of my content there before it reaches my site – so remember to check there too! 

Sweet dreams and awakenings!

x Neko


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