Mercury Retrograde – How can it affect your dreams

Mercury Retrograde is on of those times of year well, 3 or 4 times a year that any one who knows a little or a lot about astrology usually cringes about. Myself included!

It’s just that kind of time for 3 weeks where things slow down, break down, go missing, get muddled up and get reorganized – particularly anything to do with communications, technology, mechanics, relationships, and anything in need of an overhaul.

As for how Mercury Retrograde can affect your dreams? Well, let me go by some of my own experiences and from other people’s tales.

The main thing you may notice, is your past creeping up on you. People you haven’t seen in years appearing in you dreams. Perhaps a symbol from your past that used to be reoccurring is coming back again. Maybe you’re reliving and old argument. Back in an old house you haven’t seen for a long time…

The last Mercury retrograde in August of 2011, I found myself physically surrounded by my family members I haven’t seen for a long time,  since I live so far away from them! They came back to remind me of a few things… And this is what Mercury does. Gives you time to reflect, and be reminded of things you may have let slip under the radar.

Another common thing that can happen, is that you can FEEL like you’re awake doing things, but actually you’re dreaming. False awakenings, as it is so termed. Time can become rather muddled! When Mercury is retrograde, is appears to be travelling backwards, but in fact it’s an optical illusion. A few people have even told me about sleep walking, and dreaming they have got ready for work, only to be back in bed wondering what day it is!

I’ve found that old fears, or at least those kinds of themes have come back for me in my dreams. It really is a sign that you need to address them, and see if you are trying to come to terms with them, or block them out.

It may not be the time to take action, but it is a great time to have a think about what junk your subconscious is trying to throw at you, to sort out, throw out, or reorganize! Nightmares may also manifest from fears or from out of nowhere. Just have a look at what it really made you feel, and see if it relates to some other area of your life you feel needs a looking over.

So my message to you is to have a look at what is being presented. If it’s something from the past, have a good look at how it affects you now. You may even be dreaming of conflicts that are going on right now, and this just could be your subconscious giving you clues about how to go about resolving it. Either way, don’t be alarmed; just remember it’s a time to think about how to move forward, when the time is right.  – if you have a flick through the link above it will tell you exactly when that time is!

What Questions to ask your dreams at this time:

What can I not see that is preventing me from ***?

What needs resolving for me to move forward with ***?

What needs fixing in my life/relationship/environment?

Is there anyone I should come back into contact with?

Is there a place/idea/person/scenario I need to revisit?

Feel free to drop past the facebook group to discuss your crazy Mercury Retro induced dreams!


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