How people make you feel can make the message of the dream

People always wonder why particular people end up in their dreams. That person you haven’t seen for 5 years. That girl who is always a snob to you when you go out. Your big sister. Whoever it is, there is a reason for it, especially if they appear often.

Besides living out your physical desires with your crush or dream partner – we’ve all had those dreams let’s not deny it…  Those who frequent your dreams are there because they have an inherent meaning or representation for you.

So how do you work out what someone ‘means’? What does someone represent to you? Often it’s good to go with your intuition, gut feeling, or first thought.

For example, if you see the principal from high school in your dream, they are representing some kind of respected authority, or someone who is diplomatic, perhaps genuine. If you see ‘the one that got away,’ it could be that sign of not getting what you desire, or missed opportunity.

Sometimes you may just see a mate or friend who has an obvious personality trait, like being really really friendly, or like the snobby girl I’ve mentioned above. Or if they have no obvious meaning to you, perhaps they represent a certain time in your life. For example, like good social times at university.

Sometimes a person may represent a specific emotion, like they make you sad, angry, scared, or even joyful. Just like when you see that friend who’s always the comedian showing you a good time.

For me, I have a friend that I had a fall out with in high school some years ago. After that point, many things changed for me for the first time in a long time. I had new friends, my interests also changed and developed, as I wasn’t under her harsh influence. So, when I dream of her now, she is always an omen of change. But how do I know where this change applies?

I recommend having a read of this article ‘When people you know alive or passed on visit your dreams… Just what is their message?’ cause this goes further into the types of associations we have with people in our dreams.

Now you have the meaning or ‘idea’ of what that person symbolizes or represents, how does it apply to the rest of your dream? Look to the surroundings or scenario in a dream. If you see say the ‘class clown’ in your home, it probably means good times and laughter is on its way to your home and close friends or family. If you see that person from the office who constantly puts you on edge entering your social circle, it probably means that in this ‘situation’ at hand, you may encounter some form of stress, interference or miscommunication. Or say a child is there whilst you’re trying arguing with someone over something, perhaps they represent that quality of innocence or even immaturity surrounding the core issue or object of your argument. The ‘thing’ or topic could also be symbolic, just remember to ask yourself what you first think, or consult your dream dictionary!

Just remember, the person is as poignant as the surrounding settings or situation, as all the projections in your dreams are linked and relevant. So first, ask yourself what that person is to you, and how they make you feel, and what is their standout feature or quality.  Then have a look at what you’re doing, or where you are.  It can seem like a warped puzzle, but you’ll make it piece together with intuition and careful thinking.


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