Plant a seed, ask your dreams

Quite often people will ask what their dreams mean, as they know it is a message from their subconscious. From a deeper place, without all the words, the mind, the ego, the junk, getting in the way. If you are one to believe in the power of this subconscious playground of insight, then try this:

ASK yourself, what you want to know, and then ASK yourself to dream about it.

What have you got to lose? By planting the idea in your subconscious, you are allowing it to show you what you wish, without too many thoughts or other information interfering.

Asking yourself a question to dream about is a good way to subconsciously connect to anything, or anyone.

Just like in meditation, in your dreams you are losing the conscious mind, the ego, the things that make you search for answers without – when you can discover so much from within.

Just last week, I was curious to see how my cat was, and if he is ok without me, as I am currently living in a totally different country for the time being. The morning I woke up so overjoyed, as in the dream, we played together for what seemed like a good 20 minutes!

This technique is great for seeking out others far away, or even those passed on.

If you have more abstract situation going on in your life, you can ask questions such as:

‘what is not being revealed to me in this current scenario.’
‘what is person X’s true motives.’

Pay attention to your feelings in the dream. Remember the person doesn’t necessarily have to appear in the dream for it to be about them – if so it’s even more confirmation for you.

What have you got to lose? Ask yourself what you would like to know. You’d be surprised that you might not come up with a question straight away, as there are SO many possibilities!

Please share on here any experiences you have had about planting specific ‘dream seeds’ on my facebook page here. Most importantly, give it a try!

Sweet Dreams!


5 responses to “Plant a seed, ask your dreams

  1. I have recently started using this technique when I feel ‘stuck’ in a specific area of my life. A few weeks ago before I went to sleep I asked about my career path in the health industry as I have come to a bit of a fork in the road. My dream completely answered my prayers! I dreamed about a specific job that I have been working towards, and now I know that I am on the right track – my subconscious definitely pointed me in the right direction. Thanks and keep the articles coming!

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