Going beyond the dream dictionary

I had a dream that a cat stood right next to me whilst in the middle of the road and stared into my eyes. Then a car came speeding past and stopped in front of me just before it could have hit us!’

So let’s have a look at this dream as an example. You have two key symbols: The cat, and the car. Now these everyday objects are a very common place in reality, so for them to appear in your dream may seem like an obvious statement – or is it. Your dream dictionary may tell you one thing, but you have to go beyond the dictionary at times and think about what something really means to you; how it makes you feel; what it reminds you of; and importantly, do you have a history with these objects?

So if this was my dream for example: Cats for me are always a good omen: I’ve always had an amazing relationship with my pet cats, they’re more like my best friend; when I see them, it’s a real reminder of who I am; of being effeminate and powerful by nature; that I have silent guidance and protection; they’re also my totem animal. (More information on that last point later!) Cars are a very personal symbol for me also. Having one come towards me and stopping, wouldn’t be your average ‘being safe from danger’ or coming close to being amongst a collision course or accident. As I was hit by a car some years ago, this holds a much more powerful omen for me.

So let’s piece these two together. Having a cat stand by me, just before a car nearly collides into me, would really represent being safe and having guidance, before another life changing scenario, or turn events could really affect me. Also that I do not need to go through such life changing events again, and if so not alone, but also to use caution and guidance that is available to me.

So let’s pretend now that I’m reading for a good friend of mine, let’s say his name is Liam. Liam is allergic to cats, and hates being anywhere near them. He also, doesn’t have a driver’s license. So this could indicate that he is in a scenario that is bad or uncomfortable for him, represented by the cat. The car also represents that he’s allowing himself to be in the middle of a scenario in which he has no control over.

If the cat is say your pet, it means there could be trouble coming towards you that’s ‘close to home.’ You could also, perhaps see who is driving the car, and see their reckless behavior influencing you. If you don’t like cats, often they can become a bit of a sinister omen for deception. Also people believe in the black cats are ‘bad luck, but unless that old wives tale comes to mind, don’t feel it has to apply to your dreams. Cars are about your journey in life, but one coming towards you can be a big sign of life controlling you, instead of you taking the wheel. Or if you’re a manic driver, it might be a sign that you need to take yourself outside of your car, and look at how safe you are really driving.

The time of day in this dream could also show you if the problem is obvious (shown by daylight), or out of your vision or control (shown by the darkness of the night.) If you see the bright headlights of the car nearly blinding in the dark, this could also show you that this is a wake up call you need; to really take a good look at what is going on around you, and to see what you are unable to see by not really focusing.

So if you look at my example, you can see how the cat is a very potent symbol, as is the car. So this is my advice to you: Before consulting the dream dictionary, have a look first to see if something really is a bit more that just an object in your dream, and, see If you have a certain feeling, or real association with it. There’s a reason something has appeared in your dream and caught your attention, just have a think why, and you could learn something very interesting about yourself or your future.

To learn more about this please visit the article First in best dreampt – whatever you feel something means first, is often right!


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