Tell me about your lucid dreaming experiences!

If you liked the movie Inception you will love lucid dreaming! I will share some tried and tested techniques to help ‘awaken’ you whilst you’re in your dream! Have a read of this article about lucid dreaming. Sometimes it can take some practice, but is such a rewarding feeling!

It’s always great to share your dream experiences, as it can also stir up memories for other dreamers.

Please post here about your experiences, or drop past the facebook page to share your stories!


4 responses to “Tell me about your lucid dreaming experiences!

  1. The thing that I find annoying is quite often when I realise I’m dreaming I become overly excited now by the fact I can basically do anything I want with no consequences, this results in wakening 90& of the time and a loss of Lucidity 😦

  2. This is a common problem for a lot of people, and is a reflective of trying to find that balance between ‘allowing vs control.’ Awareness in a dream is one thing, wanting to grab the reigns of your subconscious can be rather different! Stay tuned – I will be offering some tips on about finding ways to bring awareness to your lucidity, without disturbing that current state! x

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