Nature’s Elements Part 2: Earth and Air

We first took a look at how water and fire stir us, so let us take a look at our more subtle elements.

Earth, which will often include the other element of wood in Asian philosophies like mentioned earlier, is all about grounding, building, stability, physical connection, growth, and security. Looking at or being amongst tall trees is a sign of growth and maturity, and also connectedness to your other surrounding influences. To see one falling, could be about structures and physical life around you changing.  To see say a small flower or new grass, is about new opportunities, time to flourish. Rock or stone beneath or surrounding you is also about solid support.

In more a more dramatic sense, an earthquake could represent insecurity, or a lack of support. If your find yourself trying to push something heavy, like ‘being between a rock and a hard place,’ could indicate some stubbornness or hard work.

Air or wind, is about knowledge, truth, insight, expansion, movement, words and expression. Air is often that seemingly invisible or changing element. We can’t live without it, and we use it via words and sound, as part of our own expression. Words even in dreams are pragmatic and carry obvious messages. If it’s about something abstract, consider the object/person/etc they are talking about symbolically.

Music of course, will evoke emotion, thought, and memory. Perhaps a new song is there to show you a feeling or message. Or an old song is reminding you of a lesson or time of your life. Look to what else is going on in your dream, the message or feeling of that song could provide you insight into people or a scenario, in your day to day life.

You can also have the power of a tornado sweeping life out of your control, and also unearthing much around you. Or even worse, suffocation, feeling like you can’t express yourself or bring about change.

What is amazing about all the elements is also how they interact, particularly in nature. A fire can burn down a forest, which can be about destroying ones surrounds, but also about making way for the new. With too much fire, the air can become smoky, which with it comes ‘clouded’ messages. And earthquake and cause a surge of water, emotion, like a tidal wave or tsunami. Or, an eruption of fire, passion or fury, like a volcano. Or let’s not forget the power of the air and water making an electrical storm, like fire adding direction and charge from clashes and pressure.

The elements can be very obvious and impacting, and quite small and subtle too. But it’s undeniable how much they represent the foundations of life and the world around you. So when you come across them in your dreams, have a think about their power and wonder, and how their qualities affect your feelings, thoughts, events and your surroundings.


One response to “Nature’s Elements Part 2: Earth and Air

  1. Thanks for the explaination, Neko. I’ve a dream few days ago which all elements are in it.

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