Nature’s Elements in your dreams, Part 1: Water and Fire

The elements we encounter in our dreams are there to tell us what what type of scenario is your subconscious dealing with. So often people will dream of nature and the elements. Although we are surrounded by it all the time, often we forget about just how simple yet powerful nature and it’s components are. For hundreds (even thousands) of years, the 5 elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal, have been present particularly in Chinese and Japanese Philosophy and culture, and are at the core of feng shui, traditional Chinese medicine, and martial arts. The four elements of earth, fire, air and water also omnipresent in classical Philosophy, and also including Buddhist, Greek, Hindu and Egyptian cultures. Not to mention its part of the foundation of astrology and tarot.

In our day-to-day life we are constantly protected from nature, that we often forget what blessings, power, dangers, and influence it can have over us – all can be a positive or negative influence. But something that is a core part of our being is not forgotten by our subconscious and spirit. So… Let’s make some sense of it!


Let’s start with a more obvious element, water. Water is all about life’s flow, emotions, the heart, feelings, depth. How you see or interact with water in your dream is going to determine what it means. If you’re sailing in a boat over a stormy ocean, it probably means that you’re having a tough time emotionally – but look to whom or what is sharing that hard journey with you. If you drink a fresh glass of water, it means you are reviving yourself.

To have wash in a clean pool of water or shower, could be about emotional cleansing, and clearing away of the old or bad. If there’s too much, say you’re caught in a flood or a downpour; you’re probably overwhelmed and are not coping with your surroundings emotionally. The temperature of the water can also effect you, heat may burn or be emotions brewing inside of you. Cold or freezing water may leave you feeling isolated or lonely.

Like shown above, any element can come in small or large amounts, from a glass of water or an entire ocean, a splash or a storm.  How powerful its’ affect is will often be obvious by the ‘size’ of its’ influence.


So let’s look at fire. Fire is about energy, force, heat, passion, and direction. In a simple positive form, to see a candle, is that ‘light’ and spirit keeping you going, leading the way. To ‘shed light’ on a scenario – see what else is going on around you in the dream. Of course it can represent romance, twin flame, that burning passion between two people. Fire also makes things heat up or develop. Having flames around any scenario can mean added intensity, confrontation.

In the more negative sense, of course there’s also the looming fire that engulfs a building or natural setting. Flames will destroy much in its path, but is also a sign of ‘rebirth.’ Think like the mythological tale of the phoenix rising from the ashes. If you get burnt, it means a scenario is affecting you in uncomfortable or painful way; you may even feel it is irreversible, by means of scarring. It could also represent somebody’s anger, violence, or rage.

These two elements above tend to occur most prominently, or will seem to be the most extreme. Look out for next week’s article to be posted about earth and air!


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