Lucid Dreaming: Becoming aware of your dream state

I’ve had quite a few people come to me asking about lucid dreaming, and how to ‘induce’ such a state, or how to become aware that you’re dreaming. Although dreams and your awareness of them, or in them, differs vastly between people, I’m going to share a few of my experiences, and offer a few tips to help you either stay with the dream, or take off with the dream.

Each technique is about making subconscious keys that can be used to show you contrast between reality, and your dream world, so you can unlock you awareness in your dream state.

The first step to lucid dreaming, or just being able to stay with your dreams, is to allow yourself to accept you are in a dreaming state. Until you are comfortable, and are aware that you are the observer, you will find it hard to ride that subconscious wave, let alone take control.

Realise you are dreaming:

A lot of people tell me they only dream in black and white, whilst others can dream in full colour. Whichever way you go, your interpretation of colour and light, will most likely be markedly different to your waking reality. So, here’s your first task. Take a moment now, a few times throughout the day, to say to yourself:

This is what colour, light, depth, etc looks and feels like in my waking life.’

Now, of course you know what reality is like, so these cues become a key to showing you when you’re not awake. Reminding yourself of your awareness in reality, allows for your subconscious to go into a dream and go ‘hang on, this is different to the awake world.’ It might be black and white, or unusually dark for example. There will probably be other differences too.

I’m sure you can probably think of a dream where you are like, ‘it was the same house as my own except x, y and z were different’ – these are your cues; subtle changes to make you become aware.

When you are at the point, where you know you are the observer, this is when you can start taking your full awareness into your subconscious.

Realise you are the dreamer that can take control:

One technique I adopted was to make a subconscious key, by again, creating contrast; thus creating a trigger. Your dreams often mimic real life. So like above where you became aware of colour and light, this time, make a few different keys of awareness. Look to symbols in day-to-day life that you will be likely to see in your dream. Like your room, your front door, different inanimate objects, and places you are likely to visit. Look to these objects and at various points during the day and say to your self:

‘This is what **** looks and feels like, when I’m awake.’

Now for me when I first tried this technique, I took a good look at my hands, and told myself, ‘I am awake looking at my hands.’ That very night, my dream started with me waving my hands right in front of my face jumping up and down! As if to say, Neko, become aware! I stayed with the dream a while, but when I woke up, I knew EXACTLY what went on. Although I have randomly had lucid dreams in my past, this gave me motivation to go right, now let’s make some more keys to help make me more frequently lucid!

So your task is – make some of these subconscious keys for yourself. Pick one or a couple for this week, and see if it appears in your dream. Wether you can become lucid or not straight away, don’t worry. If you can even bring your subconscious to a key that you have made, you are well on your way!

I would love to hear how you get on, so please post up on my facebook page here, or underneath on the post option, how these techniques work for you!


4 responses to “Lucid Dreaming: Becoming aware of your dream state

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  2. to know if i am dreaming.. i usually snap myself.. if i didn’t feel anything, i knew that i am just dreaming.. then i will start exploring.. trying to be on my dream while i know that it is not the reality..

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