Creating coincidence – I dare you!

Awareness breeds awareness. Focus creates synchronicity. When you notice the patterns and coincidences, this will go much further than your dream world and into reality.

You may have read my article about lucid dreamingwhereby choosing to focus on items in your day-to-day world, can help you become more aware in your sleep.

Similarly, I also suggest reading the article plant a seed ask your dreams; which is about asking yourself a question before you go to sleep, to come up with a direct answer.

I now offer you another direct technique to help you breed coincidence, and see how your subconscious is interacting with your waking life. Sounds cryptic? It is – which is part of the fun! However let me give you some food for thought first…

You will find the more you tune into to that one radio station, the more you hear that same song over and over again…

I know you have experienced that before. Just by paying attention to something specific and becoming aware of repeat occurrences, will make you more aware – which is the very principle underlining the example above.

Now, because you know that if you tune into that station (frequency) it will be more likely that you’ll hear a song (symbol) that they often play. Well, this can happen in a similar way with your dreams too! Even better, you know that song you’re dying to hear – isn’t it the most satisfying feeling when you hear it somewhere out of the blue? So with that concept and feeling in mind, let’s get creative!

So I put it to you, that you chose a completely random object or symbol, that you plant into your subconscious as something to dream about. It could be a maple leaf, a key, a street sign, mittens, ANYTHING!  I also suggest writing it down, so you have a real association with the object by putting some focus upon it. Perhaps leave it next to your bed, so you can have a think about it before you sleep. Now, this has a number of benefits.

Firstly, you are telling yourself that you are giving your subconscious a reason to speak up – awareness breeding awareness. Like tuning into that frequency or radio station.

Second, if you do see the item you have planted, then it means you are getting a direct response – brilliant! At that point I suggest getting out the dream dictionary (if not look online!) and see what that object means, and how that tied in with everything else in your dream. A seemingly accidental choice in object could actually be quite poignant for you, but I suggest not looking up the object first, it’s more fun not to have a preconceived idea. Or even better, drop past my facebook wall and let me know!

Third, it also it means that you can train yourself to see just how your subconscious makes representations of things; how something becomes a symbol for you. By doing this, you make the most of every item, object, place, person etc; so one day you will not need a dream dictionary at all.

Lastly, like mentioned earlier, focus creates synchronicity, and small coincidences if you will. You will also probably notice your item of focus appear in unexpected places in your waking life.

So here’s a perfect example and story of how this worked out for me recently:

A great friend of mine Mia, who has a couple of amazing pages and blogs (see below for links,) chose to focus on a white feather this week; she even wrote a poem about it on my wall. A few days later, I dream of holding these two miniature black birds abandoned by their mother in a nest. Holding this nest, I rescue them, only for them to escape and explode into a cloud of feathers. Vanished!

The next day I came home quite stressed and angry, not a common thing for me! Mia and I agreed that these birds represented something dark within me I needed to get out of my system. Mia was also going through some clearing of her own, so we related that this dream was probably for the both of us! So this very night, I sat down with a black pen, and wrote out my worries on paper, then rolled it up. I put them in a glass bottle, and left it to burn.

The next day, I went to check on my worries that I sent to the ether. Then at that very moment, a beautiful black and white magpie, put her beak into the bottle, pulling out the ashes, and flew away with them. It was like the mother of those birds in the dream came to collect her baby black birds; that misery I didn’t need, carried away by beautiful white feathered wings. Just seeing that gave me perfect faith and a smile on my face.

Coincidence? Maybe. However just by having my awareness on feathers, created a beautiful omen for me; similar to hearing that uplifting track that you just have to sing along to. Again, coincidence? Sure, but the the best bit is, I created it!

By tapping into that same frequency, the more you will notice repetitions, patterns, and uncanny similarities…

So I encourage you – turn nothing into something – watch what can grow just from allowing your focus to be on letting your subconscious speak not just to you, but with you.

** I also must mention that although Mia herself hasn’t had a dream about a feather, she has come across many of them in her day-to-day journey. Which if you do see your symbol you chose, pay attention to your thoughts and feelings at that moment in time; there may just be a real message in that. **

Awareness breeds awareness. Focus creates synchronicity. When you create and notice the patterns and coincidences, this will go much further than your dream world… and into reality.

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2 responses to “Creating coincidence – I dare you!

  1. You forgot to mention that although I never dreamt of white feathers – I have been seeing in real life (earth dimension) repeatedly, even as late as today. Thanks for the post love – It never ceases to amaze me how articulate you are while still very creative, interesting and informative. Thank you 🙂
    Let us keep dreaming xxx

    Mia Love

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