The question is sometimes more important than the answer

Making the most of your dreams works on a similar level to being able to ask a tarot reader the right question.

Unless you have a focused question, you’re just going to get a general outlook. Simple right? If you have read my article Plant a seed, ask your dreams, you will know that you too can tap into that inner wealth of subconscious truth, and get some real direction in your life.

So you may be wondering, ‘just what can I ask my dreams?’

Well, you can ask anything really, but it’s about asking the right type of question. This is why the question can be more important than the answer. For example, if you ask something like ‘should I date person x?’ Well, that’s too limiting. Your subconscious can see many more perspectives than just one, and we’re apt creatures for having conflicting thoughts and emotions. So it is unlikely that your lateral mind is going to spit out a simple ‘yes or no’ type answer.

The key to asking a useful question, is one that makes your subconscious tell you a story.

There’s also the other end of the spectrum where you can be too vague in your question, such as ‘will me and such and such go on a date?’ Your subconscious could give you a virtual-only date, in your head. Or it could show you how a date could go. It could also just have you running around showing you how you wont go on a date, or showing you the conflicting feelings you could have on one if you did… Now trying to decipher the context of that? Good luck! Or let’s work out how to rephrase a question so it is useful.

We must remember that the subconscious is quite a lateral tool. Dreams are a rather creative expression using indirect approaches and reasoning. In other words, it’s going to tell you a story, in an abstract way. A dream is made to be cryptic so you do not mistake it for real life – working it all out is half of the fun!

So as an alternative to the vague date question above, you could ask something like, ‘What would be the benefits of pursuing and emotional relationship with person x?’ – you could similarly, ask what are the disadvantages, however if you ask for the negative, be prepared for a darker dream!

Here are some of my favorite open questions that I find really helpful:

‘What is currently being hidden from me in **this scenario**?’ – It’s a good way to see whatever else you can’t quite piece together – both positive and negative.

If you’re in a curious mood, you can always ask something like, ‘What does the month of June have in store for me.’ Or, ‘What will be a prominent theme for me this month?’

If you’re asking a personal question, or are just trying to solve inner conflict, it can be good to direct a specific quality or perspective upon the subconscious. Such as, ‘what underlying emotion do I need to focus on to change my feelings surrounding **this scenario**?’  You can even ask ‘what are my limiting beliefs surrounding my view of myself/person x/this scenario.’

This sort of approach to question asking is also great for tarot readings, runes, or any type of divination via a specific medium. So often in life we want the answer, or truth. Really, it’s all perspective. You don’t live life to get to the end to get a yes or no, right or wrong.

Sometimes you will come to certain conclusions and realize you want to know more – great! Asking your dreams gives you the means, so you can come to a conclusion by seeing things from another perspective. If the response produces another question, it’s fuel for thoughts, and you can even ask another question to further your quest!

Either way – asking for a dream that produces a story, and a perspective is the key, not asking for the answer as such. It’s like having a chat with a dear friend who just knows what’s good for you. Try it!


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