Choosing your focus and practice of faith

A couple of women I have spoken to have recently inspired me to write about the different variations of faith in practice, and just what results it can bring. When it comes to how you connect to your faith, god, the universe, spirit, the angels; whatever you like to call it! Some may call it prayer whilst others may call it mediation. Some find it whilst walking down the street, playing their violin, or doing a dance, some practice it in more conventional forms. However or whatever you do to bring yourself into that alignment, space, and world; is determined so by the individual.

The reason I start by presenting this analogy is because people can feel limited by how ideas and practices are labeled. Some will see prayer as having to be a religious or denominational practice. Some think meditation is all faff and a form of detachment. Each to their own, not that I agree with either of those mentioned interpretations!

Having being brought up a Catholic, for most of my young life I loved going to church and also being in prayer. Having grown up with devoted grandparents who were at the church every Sunday, it was the perfect encouragement to believe in something. Spending time around two of the happiest people alive, with perfect devotion to their faith and each other, was also a very beautiful thing.

As time went on, I found myself not connecting with the church and their teachings, and it was at this time I was searching other beliefs and methods. Much to the dismay of my parents who simply didn’t understand the need to explore the tarot, wicca, paganism, and all that which is conventionally shunned by the church. For me it wasn’t like I was deliberately walking away from my previous beliefs, more that I felt the need to expand beyond a system that wasn’t offering me anything new. Not that what I ‘strayed’ to is my belief now, I couldn’t even say now that I am following any one system of belief.

Whilst having a tarot reading with the amazing Nicky Marshall some time ago, we discussed how we personally didn’t connect with the church. However, she mentioned since she has her own faith, her own beliefs, when she can bring her unique essence into that building ‘she gets it.’

With that in mind, me and my Mum were having a chat about her late Parents, the ones I adored for the faith and love for so long. I’ve always felt them still around me, and can sense their shadows in the clouds. My Mum has reconnected with her Christian faith again more recently, not by going to church, but just by having deeper trust and faith in a God watching over, as well as being able to pray to her parents when times are tough. Only recently she suggested that I do the same, try praying to them.

As part of my own spiritual routine, I frequently meditate. There isn’t any one way of doing so but for me, it’s usually with a set intention in mind, sometimes to music or binaural beats, other times guided or in complete silence. So to pray to my Grandparents I focused on them, with the aim that I wanted help and guidance, support, in a few specific areas. I got drawn into to the deep mindlessness of the mediation, and soon after an amazing experience happened.

I woke up from the meditational state I was in, to being ‘pulled’ sitting upright. Everything was in black and white, which for me means I’m in a ‘Lucid Dream’ state. As I was pulled upwards, I literally felt and saw what looked like ghosts of butterflies escaping from my chest. Eventually everything ‘faded’ to full colour – I woke up to my room, and me sitting up just where the butterflies left me.

So there were a few things I found interesting:

– Firstly, I was lucid in my room before I gradually found myself awake in my room; the transition was in a space of about 5 seconds or less.

– Second that I had such a ‘physical’ dream; from literally waking sitting up, to feeling my heart racings, the butterflies flew literally out of my chest!

– Third and for me most importantly, the omen of the message. I’ve always loved the message the butterfly brings, most commonly: the moment that life is the hardest and you can’t take it any more, is the moment you transform, and burst out of your cocoon into a butterfly. So in this case where I was really asking for help, is when I had quite a significant and amazing experience.

So whether you’re asking for a dream, or help from something or someone specific, all I can say is that don’t feel like you have to be limited in your approach to asking. It can be a prayer to someone, or to an angel. It can be a simple focused mediation, or something you write down and pin up to remind you of where you want things to head.  Just ‘putting it out there,’ can make wonders, and not necessarily how you would expect! Just chose what feels natural, so you can trust, and have faith in an answer or response being returned.

Miracles do happen x


One response to “Choosing your focus and practice of faith

  1. Lauren, this is an amazing blog full of tips for people who have yet to find their way to relax and connect with guidance. It can be really hard finding your own way, but with no rules and your blog this may now be easy! 🙂

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