I’ll help you to get things done on your to do list with a sense of achievement… and make it fun!

This one isn’t about dreams, but being able to let your day to day life run smoothly is also a treat! You tend to sleep better when your daily life is a bit more free flowing also!

Usually I make vision boards to help me with the big picture. Usually, they’re AMAZING. But sometimes you need to feel like you’re coping with getting stuff done on a day to day basis, before you can focus on the big picture. Or you may even be fully aware of your goals  and dreams, but are overwhelmed by all you have to do to get it done! Like everyone, you probably have other worries and distractions, and need to deal with those before being truly productive.

So I’ve tried a different approach to achievement – one step at a time!

All you need is a jar, some magazines and newspaper, scissors, tape, and a board or some cardboard, post-it notes or small bits of paper… No art skills necessary!

1. Start with getting the negative thoughts out of your system:

Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I’m getting ANYWHERE in the day to day realm. Sometimes I also struggle with people, and emotional outbursts. We all do! So, I created Mr.Magic Jar.

I decorated him so I can’t see what goes in there once it’s gone! Like a vortex of awesome!

Every time I have a worry, I write it down and put it in there. Out of site, out of mind. It’s the omen of ‘its done.’  ‘I’m letting go.’ Mr.Magic Jar takes it all away, a bit like worry dolls do for children.

2. Foucs on what you can do one day at a time:

I also teamed this with an active ‘to do list’, in the form of a BRIGHT pin-up-board, with tasks written on coloured post-its of what I want and need to get done. Every time I finish a task, no matter how small, post-it comes down and it goes in the jar. Finished, over, job well done.

Creating something **bright!** motivates me to get it done. I like colourful things. So having tasks looking colourful, makes them appear less dull or boring! Perfect!

3. Keep taking tasks off  the board and adding new ones as you think of them:

It’s fairly easy to keep up with doing a couple of things a day. Rather than just crossing something off a boring list or notepad, it’s quite fun being able to pull something off of your board and put it in the jar! Mr.Magic Jar has helped me feel good about finishing things, and also reminding me how much I have done!

I swear I achieved more  last couple of weeks than I have in the last 2 months since having done this!  Or at least it feels that way, cause I can acknowledge when I have completed something, and can stop beating myself up so much!

So even if you can’t be bothered with the big picture, try feeling happy about your day to day, one post-it at a time.

Nothing like a bit of colour therapy to do so 🙂


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