Where’s your hair at?

Hair is a really common dream symbol for people. Says a lot about your identity, how you carve yourself out, how you display yourself to the world.

Just the another night in a dream, i was washing my hair to return it to it’s natural colour which apparently included hot pink streaks! Definitely time to be the more colourful vibrant me I think! Going darker can often take on a more serious tone than going lighter, especially if you’re naturally of a darker hue. Going lighter is a way of embracing some fun and more playful aspects of yourself.

Cutting your hair is cutting ties to your past and excess baggage – makeover time!

Growing your hair could mean you feel more youthful (especially if you had longer hair growing up!), or perhaps is showing how much you have grown into the person you are now from where you were.

Anyone else had any interesting hair dreams? Feel free to share on the Dreaming with Neko facebook page!

Click here to learn more about what different colours mean in your dreams!


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