The colours in your dreams

Certain colours will stand out rather boldly when we dream. You may remember the bright yellow car, or the green jumper. Colours carry  unique frequencies, energy – and therefore meaning. This is why chakra points have ‘colours’ to match for example, with each point pertaining to a different type of energy or need… So let’s go through some of the meanings!

Red – all about grounding, the physical, your base. It’s the colour of your blood. Red is never a ‘light’ energy or light matter. In fact it’s often with a degree of seriousness. Bit like love, and how red is inside you and flows through you. If you see it in a dream, it has a very real, presence.

Orange – is much about yourself, identity, your creative force and vibrancy, sexuality and creation. When you see orange you’re being made to question the essence of something, what about it really relates to you, and what you could be potentially creating or sharing with the world.

Yellow – personal power, confidence, brightness, manifestation. All that shines, and all that potential. Also corresponds to the ‘digestive’ organs, so is often about your positive influence, what you make of something. Also about optimism and intellect. Often a very good omen in a dream, very healthy and revitalizing!

Green – is all about the heart. Growth. How you express your love. Balance. Self control. Compassion and harmony are also traits of this colour, but in the negative can be ‘green with envy.’ You should feel it’s amazing energy of growth and love in your dreams, or else you will see what else it’s telling you by feeling it.

Blue – communication. Talking. Expression. The power of your thoughts and spoken word. Expression. Also very much about emotions and their expression. Like water. The ocean. In the negative, if it’s not flowing, it’s stagnant. Being stuck in the mind as opposed to flowing from your heart. But blue is mainly a healing colour. Creating flow, and is a sign of words, ideas, and direction in your dreams.

Pink – a higher ‘octave’ of green, is also much about love and support. Innocence and youth. A very soft but powerful uplifting energy in a dream.

Purple – is all about the spirit. The third eye. Higher guidance. Peace. Messages and communication with spirit and beyond. Open mindedness. Always a subtle but powerful omen in your dreams.

For the ‘non-colours,’ they tend to have very stark meanings, and often interrelate. Dreaming in black and white of course you will have a mix of light or absence of it, and grey is also that ‘blanket’ or haze over and otherwise colourful dream. Here’s some of their other qualities:

White – purity, innocence, divine. Cleanliness. Something of it’s essence. The ‘good’ in the good vs evil premise. The bringer of ‘life’ and creation. The light of God etc.

Black – darkness, the absence of light. The night. The subconscious, the unknown. Often has that ‘evil’ element to it. Secrets and things that are hidden. Sometimes seen as death or an ending in some cases.

Grey – unknown, pessimism, depression, un-decidedness. Disconnection.


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