Unlikely dream events manifesting in reality – what can it mean?

Every now and then we often dream about something then we see it. When that happens, it feels like the most potent sign of,

I must pay attention! Or,

I am meant to be where I’m at right now! 

You can’t argue either of those occurrences; I personally love a good reality check!

Most recently, I’ve been having not even so much a dream, but something that’s more about that ‘in between’ lucid state, otherwise known as ‘hypnagogic state.’ It’s the space that people enter into where they tend to see spirits or angels, and have the otherworldly experiences, and all that which is generally the most memorable and quite unexplainable!

So one night I’m in bed, and drifting off, and I felt a hand, the size of me, come down in a soft white and push me. HUH? Yeah, push me. It was quite a nudge cause I awoke to a racing heart, and sitting bolt upright! Talk about a wake up call and an adrenaline rush. I attempted to calm myself down and go back to sleep, and then I felt myself get poked by the very same hand. Seriously, wasn’t I already alert enough!?

This experience left me rather puzzled. I was curious as to what this hand was!

Was it my projection?

Was it like the hand of God telling me to wake up?

Was I being warned about something?

Am I hiding something from myself?

I decided that it was a sign to wake up and be more aware, and that soon enough it would reveal to me what it actually meant, or else the experience would probably be repeated in a similar fashion.

Less than a week later I arrived in Ireland for a family reunion. Back to the place where all my ancestors were from, surrounded by some of my immediate family, who I have not seen in over a year. Walking down the street feeling amazing about life, surrounded by good people I bump into the most hilariously curious thing. Two stone carved hands outside a church, proportionate to the size of what felt like that awakening hand touching me in my sleep!

The rest of the trip ended up being the wake up call I needed for a few reasons. I got back in touch with my family that I haven’t seen for over a year. I had an opportunity to be reminded that I am a fun happy person, which sometimes I have let dwindle living on the other side of the earth without a reminder that I am loved by so many people. It was the wake up call for me to get out there, be happy, and live! So I continued to do just that.

Remember to watch out for those strange repeat occurrences. Let your feelings guide you on what something is really telling you. The symbol might not seem significant, but where, when or how it appears, can be very meaningful. More importantly don’t ever forget to be yourself and have fun. Not everything has to be so serious… As you can see!!!


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