The breakup

Question: A mate of mine has split from his girlfriend and he feels like hes getting over it ok slowly, and in the day he feels great, at peace, having fun etc. When he sleeps he has horrible dreams and he wakes up with the heart breaking feeling of loosing her all over again.

Answer: Dreams really are a subconscious projection, so he’s obviously not subconsciously letting go the break up. I would suggest writing in a journal. Writing out everything BEFORE sleeping so its not in the subconscious and the back of the brain as you drift off.

When things upset you , are dealing with the back of your head. It’s the stuff that causes the fight or flight responses, basic survival instincts in humans and animals. So the shock or terror can hit back hard. When you dream you are coming out of a phase where you turn thought into narrative.

Writing i.e. putting life into narrative before sleeping, will make the brains job easier cause you’ve already done that process in some form. This also means it’s less likely to go round and round in your mind when you do sleep. It’s also great therapy being able to have a written objective chat with yourself, where anything can come out, uncensored.

For a bit of an extra help, find yourself a stone or crystal to have under your pillow, to help filter these more troubling emotions. You can have a look here to find one to suit your needs!


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