Spider Dreams

Question: I dreamt I was bitten on the hand by a large spider but was unharmed. Then the spider climbed on top of my head and I killed it. Was wondering what this means?

Answer: Spiders are an interesting one. Particularly because people can have very different feelings towards them! Usually it’s the females who are poisonous and defensive, protecting their web and the young. In this case, I think it would be a female around you who is trying to get your hands (influence) away from a situation. But at the end of the day, you killed it on your head. You have the ability to outsmart someone in a situation where they really, have not much influence over you. They just look big and creepy!


Have a think about where the dream happened. if it was at work, then it’s probably there!

If you have a bit of a fear of spiders, it’s probably a sign you’re letting something small get the better of you. Perhaps you’re making a bigger deal of something than necessary, or giving away your power.


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