Your mind, your heart, your higher self: How to help tell the difference between their voices

Sometimes you don’t realize the process you went through to work something out, until you’re asked to explain it. It can be a very enlightening thing, when the already functioning albeit obvious dawns on you! I have to say thank you to a special friend of mine for asking the right question, in order for the revelation to come to light!

Now just what was this lucrative revelation I had. Well, we were discussing much ado about dreams, as well as life. Not so long ago I was in a darker place then I would like to admit, but used quiet reflection, and attention to inner voices and dreams, to be my shining light. The result of this was having a distinct separation between the different parts of myself: My thoughts, my emotions, and my intuition – The three voices of the mind, heart and higher self respectively. My revelation was understanding what process I took, to be able to distinguish the three.

There are those times where you lay with yourself and you want to tell the voices just to shoosh it for 10 minutes so you can breathe. We’ve all been there. When you have your emotions and thoughts fighting against each other, let alone your intuition trying to get a word in, it’s like walking into someone else’s argument; you can probably see a very obvious solution, yet are unable to do anything about it! This inner confusion plays with everyone. The mind says yes, the feelings say no. The thoughts whispering do it do it, yet your intuition is telling you something isn’t quite right here.  Problem is, sometimes you don’t hear it like a distinct conversation, it is more like the couple having an argument. Blimey!

So how do you combat this noise and start a real communion between these very distinct personalities within?

The first thing to do is not judge. Instead ask yourself what the problem is. What you want to know about your inner workings. What you need to know about your life, to get on with things. The best way to do that other that spending some time by yourself is to ask your dreams.

When you ask yourself to dream, you’re giving rise to that higher voices, intuition, gut feeling, to speak up objectively. Strangely and odd it’s projection is, but not impartial none the less. Once you’ve had the dream, you have heard the voice of the pettiness of your argumentative male-like mind, and the female-like emotions, both seeking understanding. The key here is to stay impartial, and just witness what happens. Have a think about what the dream means, its’ symbols, its’ definition. Then once you’ve made up your mind, see how you feel about that analysis. You may find they match up, or differ entirely.

The beauty of this, is once you get accustomed to knowing the difference between your heart and mind, you can use this formula for any question you have about your life. By allowing your subconscious and intuition to have a safe platform through dreams, you will get used to hearing that higher voice or reason, as well as the voices of the mind and emotions behaving like little children!

Always remember each has their place, but it is ultimately about getting the three to work as a team. Different scenarios require different expertise. The office will require the brain more so than the compassionate emotions. It is most likely feelings are a more important part of sorting out a relationship. Your higher self may point you in the opposite direction, but there’s nothing wrong sometimes going with your gut instinct! Just know what made you make that decision, so if there is any second-guessing, you can safely work out what you should do next without too much conflict! – Happy chatting!


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