Just a reminder: the ‘You’ from this reality, is not the same as the ‘dream you’ in your dreams that you have at night!

I know this sounds obvious, but people can get really upset or moved by their subconscious projections sometimes, so I just wanted to point that out, and explain why this is so…

First of all, when you dream, you often witness yourself amongst many other things; many objects and scenarios are cryptic, metaphorical, non-literal, and outright bizarre. Not that all is always a bad thing. However you must remember your dream is a projection, so to make the most of it, you need to understand the situation objectively – this is the key.

To experience the truth of something, you have to take out the ego or any possible bias, and make a balance between multiple perspectives, be impartial. Think like a judge weighing up opinions and descriptions in court, they have to take all pieces into account.

If say for example you’re seeing yourself as say the victim in the dream, you may be closing yourself off to many other possible interpretations and messages being presented. You could be running away from danger, but if you always see yourself as being chased, how would you be able to look back to what you are running from? Perhaps for you, running away is out of character. So this would give you reason to perhaps not see yourself as a victim of a dangerous chase, but maybe even a sign of a part of your life or character you subconsciously wish to strengthen or change.

Or take an opposing scenario, maybe you find yourself being uncharacteristically aggressive, and feel horrible that you could perhaps commit such an action. Or maybe you’re getting it on with the boss – hey, it’s not cheating! It’s JUST a projection – albeit maybe a steamy one!

You know you can’t take your subconscious projection of someone else as literal, so why would you do that to yourself? Otherwise I’d be very upset at the fact Thom York sawed off my arm one night in my dream; ironic years later one of his album titles was The King of Limbs, but that I can have a laugh about!

There are also those rare occasions where you may even find yourself as a totally different person. The opposite gender. An animal. Unlike yourself. Again, this is just your projection, just try to feel and observe what this new character could represent to you. If you’re a female dreaming you are now a young boy, maybe you’re tapping into a sense of adventure that you need or desire.

Observe how you feel about your actions in a dream. See where your actions are directed, then make your analysis about how to treat a scenario. If you find it relates to real life in a direct sense, look now at he thoughts and feelings you observe from the outside, not necessarily yourself in a role, or as a direct projection of yourself.

Maybe you’ve also wanted to change yourself in waking life. Seeing perhaps an out of character or more out there version of yourself, will inspire you to take those changes into the you in reality – it’s up to you to allow it!


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