Family Members: Their role in your dreams

Certain people in real life play obvious roles; your Mum is your Mum. Sounds very obvious yeah? But if you suddenly see your dentist in your dream and outside of the room with the dreaded chair, what would you think of him? He might not necessarily be there to polish your shiny whites! So… what would he symbolize?

We know that the role someone plays in a dream, is as significant as the scenario or place that they’re interacting in. But there are some pretty general meanings for certain people, so let’s give you some examples so you can best work out how people become symbols in dreams.

**Over the next couple of weeks I will keep adding to this page, so stay tuned for regular updates!**

So let’s start with the people who are more close to home:


Mum – Yes Mum is always going to be Mum. She’s going to probably represent that nurturing and guidance needed in a scenario. Depending on the type of person she is, and her relationship with your Father, she will probably represent the need for the emotional side of nurturing and guidance required. Probably questioning you to have a good feel around the scenario, and not to jump in too quickly.

Dad – Like above for Mum, although Dad’s tend to be the more discerning figure. Representing Authority and wisdom. Their presence in your dream is more likely to be about someone’s caring thoughts about something, rather than feelings. But think about how their knowledge and wisdom applies to this situation – what are you missing?

Siblings – Are often an extension of your self in some way. They indirectly reflect you with similar qualities, so what is their dominant trait, or, what trait of theirs obviously relates most directly to the scenario at hand?

Grandparents – Are like a higher octave of your Mum and Dad. Their love is slightly more divine, in that their role as being disciplinary probably wasn’t so vital. So their guidance and counsel was given without an expectation of how your life should pan out. But they also come with a deal of more experience and wisdom with their age. Probably an omen to look deeper or further back into the scenario in your dream. Particularly if they have passed on, what wisdom and love are they trying to bring to your life and dreams?

Your children – Children have so many lessons to teach us, probably just as much as what adults taught us growing up! As a parent your child can be about protecting one from vulnerability, direct lessons for yourself, what you want to impart onto your child. Perhaps your own issues from your past, which can often be specifically linked to age, are being presented. Are you seeing your child in a scenario you didn’t like? Maybe it’s a sign to not let that kind of event repeat, or you to think back about your past, and heal yourself.

It’s is particularly hard to see family in pain, danger, or in need of rescue. This is a reflection of a part or yourself that needs rescuing – your foundation. Look at where/why they need helping in the dream. This will tell you where you need to help yourself. As for your parents, where the pain or loss is, could be where you’re missing their kind of guidance.

Celebrating with family is always a good omen of being in the right type of place in every sense. If they’re passed on, it’s a sign their spirit and guidance is still available to you.


4 responses to “Family Members: Their role in your dreams

  1. Great post Neko, I dream about family a lot (in fact last night’s dream was about my sister and my niece!) So now I can better understand why different family members feature in my dreams so much. I am one of 5 children, so often dream about my siblings and we are all so different, each with some dominant traits as you’ve pointed out. I’ll pay more attention to these dreams from now on!

  2. Would love to know what an ex-spouse’s meaning in a dream is. As well as her mother, whom I did not get along with while we shared a house. I’ve had a few dreams with my ex-spouse in and it has always woken me in an upset state and sometimes in tears.

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