Lost the Plot?

Sometimes we have those dreams that seem to go on forever and ever… And when you wake up… You wonder how you can’t remember that world or adventure you were sucked into for what seemed like an eternity!

It can be a rather disappointing feeling, especially when you could have a wealth of material to make sense of! However it’s what you do remember, that is important.

If you remember just a feeling, sit with it for a while. It’s probably a deep seeded feeling about where your life feels in general. See if it stirs up any life memories, or dream fragments. If not, ask for clarification in your dream the next night!

I had a dream that went on for eternity last night, but I only remember the ending. Part of it was an assignment, where I felt I needed to draw some flowers, and another, to be part of a group to sing this song, but they couldn’t remember the words! I pulled a card today from a deck today to ask what I needed to work on today, and it had the image of the flowers I envisioned creating in this dream. I also then remembered the song, which just seemed to tie in so well with the particular questions I asked of the cards. This in turn helped me solve another problem I’ve had issue with in the long term!

Sometimes it’s not about the whole story, but seeing if any fragments or even small pieces can help you solve something. I see the backlog of a story I missed, as a bit of a picture of my life up until now, and the bit I remember, the answer to a problem I wished to solve.

So don’t worry, in life and dreams, we often can feel like we’re losing the plot a little. Just take what you can from what you are given, and the rest in time, will sort it self out.

The adventure continues…

*** the next evening***

I had three dreams that were later triggered by people speaking to me during the day! However I found one to be particularly special:I saw a friend of mine being rather flirty with a guy, it was really beautiful to watch. However in this sequence I knew that I had to fix a few spots on my face…

Today, she is telling me about wishing her skin was nicer, i.e. spotless, as she is about to meet a guy she’s very interested in!  … Aren’t our minds fascinating!


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