Feet and Shoes – Where are they taking you?

Feet – we all have them, except a few unfortunate souls, and fish… so what does it mean when we dream about them?

In a general sense, our feet are our grounding, our connection to our foundations. It’s also what takes us from place to place. So if you have a dream say where you cannot move your feet, or they feel stuck, means you’re probably not moving as quickly or as far as you would like to in your current circumstances. If you cannot seem to keep your feet on the ground maybe you’re not feeling very connected, or perhaps are craving a more solid foundation. Or you could be lucky and be flying, which is a sign of mastery over your environment.

If you have people trying to wash your feet, as much as it can be cleansing, it can also mean that people have control over your journey and choices. Having dirty feet isn’t so bad, it means that you are going through life getting things done; we all need to make a little mess along the way! But if you feel amiss not wearing shoes, it could mean you feel unsupported. If you cut or hurt your feet, it just means that you’re feeling the pains of everyday life.

As for wearing shoes and the state of your shoes, those dreams are more about how your journey through life is being reflected and what you represent, and about where you are at on your personal journey. If your shoes are getting dirty, this means perhaps you are damaging your reputation along the way, particularly if it’s a nice pair of shoes.

Seeing dirty shoes in a sports field means you’re doing your job.

For shoes with laces, tying them up means getting prepared, having them untied means be careful of tripping up or making mistakes.

Changing shoes could be a change of role or circumstances. Putting on or buying new shoes is showing that a new path or role that you are about to open yourself up to.

Losing your shoes could show that you feel like you’ve lost your way.

For a few more examples about your shoes are showing where you are on your journey, have a read here.

There’s always that other classic saying ‘foot in mouth,’ maybe you’re being shown a scenario where you have to be careful what you say – tread carefully!


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