11:11:11 and your dreams…

Yes there has been a lot of 11 speak around the place! A time of renewal, revolution, ascension, change… There has been one really common theme popping up in people’s dreams – death.

First of all, don’t freak out! It’s not you dying, killing anyone personally, or even anyone being hurt. How do you approach these dreams?

A dear friend of mine had a dream where he was planning songs for his own funeral. Might seem a bit raw, but the message is in the songs, their words and personal meaning. It’s showing you what to reflect up on, and say goodbye to. The evoked feelings are really what you should focus on.

I also had another friend have a dream about going on a killing spree. No you’re not a malicious creature! You are simply ending parts of yourself that would have been attached to bad places, habits, and people associated with these qualities. If it’s strangers, you’re making room for the new. It it’s people you know, it’s not necessarily them literally either – it’s more likely what they represent, their most stand out qualities, that you are moving away from.

What is the best thing about death? Rebirth, and every other ‘re’ word you can think of! Whatever is ending, it is making space for the new. You may go from very destructive dreams, suddenly to very lovely dreams. Here’s hoping! If not, just see it as your subconscious making space for a mass period of rejuvenation. Revelation. Repair. Revival. Renewal. Replenishment. Restoration.

What a surprise this day falls on REMEMBRANCE day.

Time to say goodbye to what is no longer needed or is holding you back…

See you on the other side!

*** If you would like some help interpreting your 11:11:11 dreams please drop by the facebook group here! ***


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