Sagittarius Dreaming – How to transform the revealed, and shed what is no longer needed.

We’re about to change over from the revealing and truth revealing Scorpio, into the fiery realms of Sagittarius. (November 22nd – December 21st.) If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, this fiery influence will be seen in the leaves to be shed from the trees. For those further south of the equator, it will be the skies and warmth from the sun you will be feeling.

Coming out of Scorpio, you will probably find that your dreams revealed to you much about the depths of your thoughts, emotions, and life. With this information come to light, you will probably thinking – what to do with this juicy information!?

The best thing about Sagittarius is not only its’ fiery direct heat, but also it’s mutable nature. Which means, you’re at a stage where you can chose to hold onto what you have got and learnt, and decide what to change or let go of. If you spend any time with a Sagittarian, you will know that they get bored easily, need constant change and adventure. This phase will show your perhaps what you really want next from life, and perhaps some options you haven’t considered.

Some bridges have to be burnt, and with what you learnt last month you may have realized some things that need to be removed or changed. So how will this affect your dreams this month?

The great thing about fire is that it is direct. You will probably see direct contrasts, or ideas on how to react to, or change something in your life. You may even find strong mixed messages – this is just your subconscious showing you that you have choices to make, and perhaps a glimpse into how you really feel about a certain someone or situation. Sagittarius energy means nothing will be held back, so if your dreams are burning an image on your mind, there’s a reason!

Best sorts of questions to ask yourself and your dreams during this time are:

What would be the result of staying/walking away from *** scenario/job/person/environment?

What/who/habit should I rid myself of?

What will be the outcome of removing *** scenario/job/person from my life?

What is the next step in dealing with the truth about ***?

Show me a future possibility I haven’t yet considered in regards to ***?

What should I focus on at this time?

You will find my article on how to formulate your own dream questions before you dream here.

Sagittarius is the half horse half man, armed with the bow and arrow. You have the power to move forward, with the sharpness of the mind also represented by the impact of the arrow. May you actively go after the changes you seek!


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