November 25th New Moon and Solar Eclipse – what will you be dreaming?

Mercury Retrograde is about to kick in, which often highlights what needs to be changed and altered in your life. It offers you an opportunity to slow down and rethink a few things, make plans, and tie up any loose ends. Tie this in with a Solar Eclipse and a New Moon and your dreams are going to go bonkers… Or at least be very intriguing.

This new moon’s dreams are really inspiring you to go in a certain direction.

Right now, as long as you have your objective problem solving hat on with a genuine desire to achieve and move forward, you are going to have some amazing dreams from the 23rd til around the 26th of November.

Yet the solar eclipse may be showing you what is hidden, or stopping you from bringing in these new positive effects shown to you by this new moon

A Solar Eclipse will bring the shadow and unconscious more to surface, emotional intensity abounds, and the pragmatic nature of life tends to vanish. Although we’re wandering into the more enlightening fires of Sagittarius, you have been dreaming under the realms of the secretive Scorpio for the last month. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re getting a final ‘look what’s happening beneath the surface‘ here.

This New Moon has a bit of extra kick in the way it is backed up by the solar eclipse, but also that it is a new moon in Sagittarius, which is all about new beginnings, focus, a positive movement, which we have a whole solar month of, just click to read why! New Moons’ reveal a fresh starts and what is available to you. Sagittarius traits are about enthusiasm, focus, new adventure, and confidently going after what you desire.

Be prepared to be shown what you want to act on, and over the next couple of weeks, it be revealed to you how. It is a great time to focus in on what you want, and see how you can go about reaching for it!

Questions to ask yourself between the 23rd-27th of November:

Is there anything I need to resolve before taking action on ***

What should I be working towards right now?

Where should I focus my energy/time/resource?

Is there anything else to put to rest before moving towards/taking action on ***?

Share any dreams you have over this New Moon and Solar Eclipse on my facebook page here!


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