Take a walk in my shoes…

This week I’ve been in a state of much reflection. Partially influenced by the Mercury Retrograde period, and partly because I’m about to change direction, or at least I am between phases of what action I am taking in directing the course of my life – a very Sagittarian quality.

So it’s no wonder that these last few weeks, I have been dreaming about shoes.

Almost everyone wears shoes, and everyone knows that your feet carry you wherever you need to go. Be it off to work, the supermarket or in the direction of your dreams.

I have been dreaming about wearing old worn-out shoes whilst trying to get ready for where I need to go. Putting on my old flip-flops but realizing that they are falling apart or wont fit. However it is showing me that I’ve outgrown the path I’ve been currently walking.

Remember when you were a child, and you were out with Mum buying new shoes for school? I was desparate in a dream to get some new school shoes and not wear the shabby ones with holes in them! It is definitely a sign I’ve learnt enough from my current environment and it’s time to move on to something a bit different.

I kind of wish I was wearing Dorothy’s ruby slippers, or Cinderella’s infamous glass slippers – maybe then I would be able to create the perfect home and find my prince charming! However before either of them stylishly walked into their destinies, they were probably wearing crummy old shoes too.

The state of your shoes in your dreams signifies how you are treading on your journey.

If you are wearing new shoes, perhaps it’s time to step up the game and show the world what you’re made of.

If you’ve grown out of your shoes, it probably means you’ve had a hard time or long journey, time for a trade in!

No shoes? Perhaps you are running bare without much protection or aid, or maybe even better, you have a great deal of freedom surrounding you and your choices.

Had any dreams about your feet and shoes? Feel free to share with us on facebook!

Now… time to get my dancing shoes on!


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