Solar Eclipse and Uranus moves forward December 10th – Expect the unexpected!

On December 10, not only do we have a full moon and a lunar eclipse, we also have Uranus moving forward after being retrograde for the last 6 months. Bam!

Eclipses come in pairs.  I know I was shaken up from the last New Moon Solar Eclipse, it gave me the need to reveal my thoughts and urged me to make changes. Even my dreams were telling me to make changes and to get on with life, and where the change was needed.  So what will the lunar eclipse reveal?

So what will all this planetary kerfuffle reveal? 

The Full Moon always shows the completion or culmination of something, brings full light on a scenario or situation. Combined with the power of the lunar eclipse, which is all about endings and completion of a phase, expect to see your dreams showing you what is done and dusted.

This full moon is in Gemini, which means you will likely have very wordy dreams, lots of messages, and will probably have petty situations playing out. These messages may be emotionally charged, don’t be too alarmed. Also, Gemini signifies the twins of the Zodiac, so expect your dreams to have dual meaning, things arriving in pairs, or you may just have the same message or messages presented in different ways. No matter how big or small the message, just know that an ending is an ending. And therefore a new beginning.

You will feel the effects of the lunar eclipse particularly from the 10th-15th of December, but as soon as the 5th.

A few hours earlier Uranus goes forward out of retrograde. Uranus is an innovative planet so when it changes direction, is also a sign to be prepared for the unexpected. And remember it is still Mercury is still in retrograde, so if your past is lingering in your present, be prepared to watch it be torn to shreds in front of your closed dreaming eyes if it’s not meant to be hanging around!

Just be ready to have your dreams really show you what needs changing, what is indeed ending and ended, and be prepared to be shocked. 

Questions to ask your dreams from now until the 15th of December:

What needs to come to an end in my life?

What is no longer my responsibility?

Where will there be a surprise in my life?

Show me how to put an end to this scenario.


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