Beyond the chaos – where do I turn after the emotional turmoil?

If you are reading this it is probably because you yourself are a sensitive soul, and yourself and others around you for at least a day or so, may have been shaken up by some of the recent planetary energies.

First step, wait a day or two to see how you feel. Although you may be numb from thoughts and feelings that seemed to come rushing out of nowhere, sometimes knowing how to feel or what to think can seem a bit much.

Speaking from experience, last Monday I felt like I was going through emotional turmoil. Crying over anything and everything. Feeling like doomsday upon me, with the worst-case scenario of anything I could contemplate, seeming to be the most plausible outcome. In hindsight this was just all my fears and worries pouring out with the tears. I just let it happen. That evening I put myself to bed early, and woke up as if none of the trauma had even happened.

So my suggestion right now, is that if you are being shaken up, let yourself experience what it is you’re feeling, fully.

As I mentioned, you may next feel numb, so if you do, that’s a good time to rest and reflect on what came through.

When you are ready, address the questions that these interesting feelings stirred.

You may feel that there’s nothing more to know or to really process. If so, that’s great. If you do need clarification, ask yourself what you need to know before going to sleep:

What is my true path or direction?

Is this person right for me?

It is important you go within to ask these questions at times, especially when life presents you with so much to process. Meet the process half way by being willing to let your inner voice tell you where you should go next.


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