Capricorn dreaming – practical themes and the dreams that make you go hmm

The best traits about Capricorn are their ambition and hardworking nature. They’re very focused, and are great planners. If something is to be done, they take a practical approach, and often avoid extremes. So, what does that mean for your dreams?

This Capricorn phase begins on the 22nd of December. It is also coming up to Christmas and the New Year, which means your head is probably brewing with thoughts of how things will be different. Plans for the future. How 2012 looks for you. What is next? It’s all the sorts of thoughts that a Capricorn goes through, hmm.

So with the year coming to a close and this pragmatic energy surrounding us, how will this affect your dreams?

Perhaps your dreams will be showing you images of how you would like your day-to-day life to be. Or you may see images of a future you’re yet to create.

You may also end up dreaming about what you are worried about. What isn’t really working, or topics that emotionally challenge you. It is after all, a time of year spent with family and friends, so don’t be surprised if it stirs up a few awkward emotions. Don’t worry if your dreams display your pessimism towards someone or something. Ask how to overcome it!

Again, you may be pleasantly inspired by seeing yourself living out an adventure or plan that you didn’t really know how to make real – so here’s your chance!

The best questions to ask your self at this time are any that pertain to the future and wanting to know about what is best for yourself:

How do I move forward with *** project/situation?
Where/What is the best thing for me to focus on now/in the future
How do I practically deal with *** project/situation?
What do I need to consider to move ahead with ***?
What details must I look over?




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