Summer and Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Years… BAM!

Solstice day marks the beginning of the days getting longer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, and the days getting shorter in the Southern Hemisphere. With my Australian roots, I’m putting a positive spin on this since I live in England, as I know winter really hasn’t even hit yet! More to the point, it marks where either summer or winter is about to embrace you.

If you are lucky enough this time around to be living South of the equator, this energy is all about the sun. Life and light at its optimum. Associated with blessings of health, success and fertility. If you wish to use this energy to charge up your dreams, here are your best questions to ask:

  • how can I best bring success/love/happiness/abundance into my life/this situation?
  • Please shine light and show me the truth of this scenario/person/phase
  • Where/how will I find ***?

For those up North who are getting ready for winter, it is a time best used for reflection, planning, gathering resources where you can for the future. The Northern Hemisphere seems better geared for Winter Solstice with New Years celebrations, and the more traditional Hanukkah and Yule. So what will your dreams be geared to tell you?

  • what do I need to work on internally/at home/with my close associated to bring the best to this scenario/place/relationship?
  • What will encourage better or healthier habits?
  • How can I improve my home/relationships?
  • What can be disposed of in my life to make room for new growth?


Wherever you are, however you celebrate, really this time of year brings a few things to the forefront: the home, love, family, friends, celebration and making the most of what you’ve got. I hope that you all have an amazing Christmas experience, and a brilliant New Year.

Make those dreams come true!

Neko x


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