Sweet dreams and awakenings – The dream of 2011 awakens to the new reality that is 2012!

To all my dreamers… All I can say is, thank you sooooooo much for your love and support over the year, and also for your interest in my musings, messages and updates.

* This year has launched a whole new Facebook page, which is slowly building in numbers – keep sharing the love people! 
* This new website has had over 3000 hits in the last 6 months and is about to have a second update… stay tuned!

2012 is going to be bringing more of my dreams to life, and hopefully help you do the same with yours! Next year, here’s what to expect from me in 2012:

* A new online presence on the Silent Voices website, magazine and online community, with monthly special feature articles, from an array of amazing people.
* If you’re in the UK, coming to your TV – stay tuned for that one!
* If you’re in Bristol, Dreaming with Neko is also coming to a social venue near you to help you interpret your dreams personally.
* I will also be doing readings in the early year at the Witches Brew in Whitchurch, just outside of Bristol.

So… Have a happy new year! Let’s make 2012 one to remember!

Sweet dreams and awakenings,
Lauren Neko x


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