The cure for the reoccurring nightmare

Ever had a reoccurring nightmare? Falling from tall buildings or bridges? Seeing the headlights of a car rush towards you and just before you would be knocked cold you’re sharply awake?  –  Not the dream world we want to spend much time exploring!

Nightmares can leave you in that state of panic and confusion once awake. That adrenaline rush is your body’s reaction to fear and panic – it’s treating the dream like it was a true-life event. But why is your mind producing this fear, and why does it keep repeating itself?

Some would say that a dreams’ functionality is as a form of wish fulfillment. No one would logically wish to be trapped in a burning building, but instead you’re being shown a clear message from your subconscious, likely something you need to work through. You can’t always rationalize your nightmares and you may not even have a daytime fear of something that is coming to haunt you in such dreams. However if nightmares are repeating you need to dig a bit deeper for the cause, so you can dissipate the need for subconscious scare tactics.

First you need to work out what the reoccurring scenario, objects, people actually represent:

Let’s look at a few examples. Being hit by a car, bus or train, means that perhaps you have an underlying feeling that you are getting in life’s way – or you’re preventing your life from travelling forward.  Falling often means that you feel like you have no control over your life or you are struggling to know what to let go of, so you feel like you’re being pushed away. Trapped in a burning building, can mean the heat and pressures of life are leaving you exhausted and feeling stuck, unable to find refreshment with clean air, the experience of pressure.

So these are some common examples, but sometimes they’re not so straightforward. People and animals can even act in ways that are not common. A cat coming to scratch you could really mean sharp words and intellect coming from maybe a colleague or particular environment is beginning to cut deep. Maybe a friend is coming up to you and behaving in a really off and unsettling way. Either way, you have the means to make sense of these events by looking at their underlying message.

Once you have figured out what the message is behind the events, you have the ability to resolve the dream ad prevent further nightmares, but addressing the cause or root of the fear and problem being projected.

The best thing about dreams is that they don’t just give you answers; in fact they give you more questions. If you have established from your investigation into your dream or nightmare that you really just fear that you can’t keep up, with demands you can ask yourself why you feel that you are inadequate to handle such a situation. If you realize that the nightmare is occurring because you’re being bullied, then ask yourself why are you think you are not equipped to handle this kind of situation. Or even better, ask what is going to help you become more confident.

Here are a few quick steps to take to help you put a stop to your nightmares:

  1. Once you get over the panic of the dream, try figure out what the message is from a objective and metaphorical perspective.  If you cannot extract the meaning intuitively, get out the dream dictionary (or find one online.)
  2. When you have established the root of the problem or fear, address it by asking yourself to dream about a resolution. For example, why do I fear xx? How can I go more confidently after what I want? If your dream is reliving a daytime fear, event or phobia, ask to see how you would feel by removing the fear or what would be an alternative behavior or quality to take on to combat this fear – you could surprise yourself!
  3.  See what happens next! You may get an equally blunt answer, or seemingly vague. However you can keep refining and asking questions until you get to the solution – it’s then up to you to make those changes in your waking life.

For more info on how to make dream questions, visit here. If you need a more personal interpretation of your nightmares and wish for help with creating further questions and analysis, I offer private services also. Please contact me here. Neko x x


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