Your smile is the most important thing you wear – even when you’re dreaming!

Teeth are known to be the most commonly dreamed symbol. Why? Your pearly whites are a symbol of how you present yourself and how the world sees you. So if you take special notice of your teeth, the state that they are in will tell you how you feel about how you appear to others, particularly in circumstances represented by the surrounding context of the dream.

Cracked and broken teeth probably means you need to focus on you and patch up a few things in your life – this may be in general sense, but look to the environment and people in the dream to give you a more specific indication as to where the repair work may need to be done. For example if you’re in the office at work looking at a cracked tooth, this means you feel that you are not able to best show your boss or colleagues your potential. Rotting teeth also represents the anxiety that you feel things are falling apart around you.

Loosing teeth is often more linked to specific outcomes that you fear happening. Like when children loose a tooth it’s during a very awkward and embarrassing time of life for them. Also means you may have paranoia about losing something you see as important or part of your makeup – think fossils, dinosaur bones and teeth – they stay in one piece for thousands of years after the creatures’ death. So ask yourself, do you need to let go of something or someone? If the teeth are crumbling, it’s definitely time to let go of something.

Yellowing teeth is feeling that your reputation is being tarnished. Having teeth pulled is something external affecting you, or what you feel is your good reputation or values are being compromised by how others are imposing something on you. Wobbly teeth or crooked is more about feeling a little out of control of the way things are going. Perhaps you’re scared of people seeing your weaknesses or flaws. Not all flaws are bad though, they give us character. Just like your smile is unique to you, don’t let low self esteem affect you too dearly. If you’re wearing false teeth then you are probably not being yourself, let the real you shine!

**I’ll be sure when I wake up after dreaming of eating lots of yummy cupcakes that my teeth are clean and ready to smile and wont be rotten from sugar!**


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