Honour the smaller details in your dreams and watch the bigger dreams come true

The best way to give a sign to the universe that you are wanting to allow the bigger dreams to happen, is to honour the smaller details of your dreams – by making them happen in reality. Even the smallest little details count. If you dream that dancing makes you happy – go dance. If you come across a book – find it and read it. See a forgotten person you know – call them.

For example just this last week, I kept dreaming about snow. Being able to ice skate. During these dreams I felt amazing. So why not bring this feeling to life? I knew by honouring this dream and feeling by making it happen, something would come from it.

So off I went ice skating, and sure enough, the practice in my dreams helped cause I was skating backwards like I never knew I could. Leaving the arena already feeling chuffed, I had not one but two amazing opportunities presented to me via email, about having Dreaming with Neko go to print. Neat huh?!

When you show you can make the seemingly meaningless part of your dreams come true, watch yourself get better at making the things that count, come to fruition. To make your wildest dreams come true, you have to start small. But watch what seems to magically manifest by getting into the feeling of a dream come true. There’s nothing like it 🙂


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