Let your dreams charge on – Aries force is running rampant!

From the 19th of March til the 19th of April, get ready for action! You’ll see plenty of it in your dreams, and you will be left to fill in the blanks, and ask MANY questions when you wake up. Why? We’ve just moved into Aries – the fired up ram, ready to take charge, and think about the consequences later.

Also marking the beginning of the astrological year, the Arian persona is often referred to as the Child of the Zodiac. This means that in your dreams, expect to see outbursts, raw expression, perhaps slightly petty and vengeful themes, and lots of loud adventures.

What will the dreams focus around? ME ME ME! Feed me, wash me, hug me, tend to me, come play. Yes, all that attention you wanted and needed as a child, as you developed and changed, is for you to take part in again.

Your dreams may also amplify any frustrations, troubles, impatience and niggling thoughts that have been hiding beneath the surface. So expect to have some tension released by means of yourself, or others on the attack in your dreams.

As this energy is more about BURSTS of energy, rather than a sustainable force, you need to ask yourself about the things you wish to start, create, destroy, and invigorate. Also, you can start to really see how to be motivated and inspired from within.

Questions to ask yourself before dreaming under Aries:

What do you need and want?

What/who is firing you up?

What/who is giving you true inspiration?

What/how can you take charge of your life?

Where are you ready to grow?

What’s next?


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