Foreign beds make for foreign dreams

Having just moved back home from the UK, at least for the rest of the Australian Autumn, I’m finding that unless my dreams have been really shocking, or crystal clear… I’m struggling to remember the content in some meaningful way. I can remember pieces of segments, but can’t seem to grasp the continuum in the information presented. Hey, even I have bad weeks!

External environmental factors can really change what happens even when your conscious brain is on standby. For example, when I first met my partner and we slept next to each other, we constantly would appear in each other’s dreams. Going here, doing this, toying with that. In fact, psychologists believe that this is a sign of a healthy relationship.

So now I’m on the other side of the world, in a bed by myself, and feeling very disconnected from my subconscious, unless I have repeating bad dreams, which remind of the dreams I had in this room as a child. It’s strange how it feels like rooms can invoke memories, let alone trigger patterns of dreams.

I must point out that changes can lead to you not being so connected to your dreams once the initial big shift has occurred. When I first arrived home my dreams were intense and engaging. Now I’m starting to readjust, it seems my dreams and subconscious are too. The message cannot be so clear because, I’m still subconsciously working it all out.

I personally find this a bit annoying cause I love being given answers and being made tofeel something that makes me question what I already know. Just seems even my dreams are saying I can’t give you the answers now come back to me later!

So, if you feel you are in this position, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you’re losing the plot or you inner connection. To help you anchor yourself, it’s best that you ask a question before you sleep that doesn’t need to give you direction, more just a feeling, something for now. For example, ask yourself:

What is making me happy?

What is good for me now?

What should I focus on tomorrow?

Once your dreams are back in force, then get on to asking the bigger questions… For now, take solace in a good nights’ sleep.


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