Bring your dreams closer to earth – let the earthy Taurean energy guide you!

We’re about to move out of the playful fiery Aries and into the strong headed Taurus. This doesn’t mean we lose any charge, but perhaps this time gain some force!  This sign is all about stability, so if anything is to get in the way of that, your dreams will sure point it out to you!

ImageMars, Aries ruler, has just moved forward from being in retrograde which has slowed down everyones’ ambitious plans! So whatever you wanted to direct your passion toward, this month you will have that force returned to you, with the will of the Bull to carry it through.

Dreaming under Taurus we are back under an Earth sign, which means that you will probably see your dreams take on a bit more direction. Or at least a plot you can follow if you felt the Arian energy too whimsical to grasp, even I did at times! You will probably find yourself working on clear goals and being very forthright in getting what you want. So what do you want?

You may also meet opposition that shows your stubborn side. If you do overreact, see what it is that is triggering your reaction – this will give you a key guide as to what type of person, environment or situation you wish to deal with, more importantly change!

You may find yourself indulging in the physical in your dreams, and why shouldn’t you get a taste of what you want? This includes all that is pleasant on the eyes, so if you have some great views, decore and people around you know why. It makes it a good time to get that added inspiration and bring that back to your wakened reality!

Questions to ask your dreams this month:

What should I physically focus on to make my life more enjoyable?

Where should I put my foot down or lighten up?

In what areas am I being unreasonable?

What will bring me back down to earth?

What am I risking exploding from emotionally if I do not express my needs?



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