Venus Retrograde May 15th – June 27th – It’s time to reflect on all matters of the heart

Venus is about to go retro for the first time in a very long time, which means it’s the perfect time to revisit any past or present hurts regarding appearances, friendships self image, love, family and relationships. It’s a great time to dig deep, forgive yourself and others, as well as to heal anything you’ve let sit deep in your subconscious.

Use this time to reflect – it is a great time to sit with yourself, to heal and to dream. Particularly between now and the 27th of June 2012.

So how can you use your dreams to help you through this? Try asking yourself the questions that maybe you have been afraid to ask. It will be a good time to release any fears, pain or sorrow. Hey, you may even find the inspiration to reconnect with something that used to give you that spark – it could denote a whole new journey.

Where do I need healing in regards to love/my heart/present or past relationship?

Where have I neglected myself or forgotten to show myself the love I deserve?

What past event/feelings are preventing me from living fully in the present?

What attitude or lesson should I take on board as not to repeat any previous mistakes or to live out pain again?

How can I rekindle the love in my current relationship/home?


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