Good things come in pairs – Gemini will show you the extremes!

Gemini is all about communication and anyone who knows a Gemini, will tell you how much of a chatterbox they are! They’re also known to change their mind, but many often forget that this is because they are highly adaptable and are good at making swift changes. So how will this affect your dreams?

As an air sign and ruled by Mercury, expression and communication is emphasized – so is analysis, details, and coming up with new ideas. Clear messages, some perhaps quite extreme, will display themselves to show you the contrasting paths and choices you can make. Watch out for the duality presented!

If contrasting dreams or scenarios seem appealing within a dream, it probably means that you have the power of informed choice. You also have favorable odds to make better sense of the messages your dreams present this month. So don’t be afraid to go to some of the darker places you usually wouldn’t dare face. Another thing to mention, is that Gemini energy is good at making light of any situation, which also means the dark wont seem so bad, and you have room for some more giggles!

Have a big life choice to make? Ask your dreams not just once, but twice, and see the different responses you could get! One night you can ask ‘If I do’? The next night ask ‘if I don’t.’ That might help you make your choice, or make you realize that maybe it’s not too important. Enjoy the direct communication between you and your subconscious; you’ll be surprised how well you can communicate with yourself!


Questions to ask yourself before you sleep this month:

How can I better communicate with person x about?

How can I better express myself?

How can I deal best with indecision?

How can I bring more life/colour/balance to this social scenario/environment?

Questions to ask over two nights:

Should I do this/Should I not do this?

Should I go in this direction/should I not go in this direction?

Should I leave/should I stay?

should I pursuit/should I not?


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