The Moon is out to get your dream on – deep dreaming under Cancer

We’ve just leapt out of the Mercury stimulated Gemini to the watery depths of Cancer on June 20th, which is ruled by the Moon. This is the sign that is made to dream! Expect dreams to be rather deep and vivid – perhaps even otherworldly!

This is a highly emotional time, so expect some very moving images and events to be happening in your dreams!

The Moon is a representation of the feminine, the dark, the subconscious, the unknown. So the next few weeks are the perfect opportunity to actually connect with your deeper self and perhaps help reveal some secret fears and desires that you didn’t even know existed. The symbol of cancer is the crab, which is moving within and with the currents of the water, adapting to it’s environment, and is beneath it’s own protective shell – so what is beneath yours?

 The key to your dreams this month is emotion. I cannot emphasise this enough!

So how can you make the most of this amazing dreamtime?

Really feel your dreams and the emotions they make you feel. This month isn’t so much about nutting out the truth or abstract like under Gemini, here is the time to get lost in a world, and see how events, pictures, sounds, colour, everything makes you feel. You may realise what you need, what you’re missing, what’s really hiding beneath the surface and what it is you really want.

Questions to ask this month:

How do I really feel about ***?

How can I find the solution regarding ***?

What emotion must I work with to really move forward with ***?

What am I fearing?

What am I hiding from myself?

How can I bring more (insert desired emotion) to this relationship/scenario/place?



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