Want to know which symbols are telling about what you really project in dreams and reality?

Dreams are always about your own projections but sometimes their content is addressing exactly that – how you are presenting yourself, how you are creating your life, how you see your future and present. So let us look to the most common signs of our own projections.

Mirrors: Are just as much about how you see yourself; your reflection and projection. When you look at a mirror in a dream, it is all about how you see yourself. One thing to remember that really a mirror is just a piece of glass, which is in its simplest form, is transparent. So first work out if you are projecting good or bad thoughts about yourself when looking at yourself in a mirror.

Perhaps you can then ask yourself: are you making too harsh a judgment of yourself? Are you allowing yourself to be a little superficial? Or, are you just trying to get a clearer image of yourself and life?

Television: The good old TV is a good sign about what story you are presenting to the world or are involved in. If it’s in Black and White, perhaps it means you have a very fixed idea or projection happening. If it’s a cartoon you are watching perhaps this is reflecting a certain level of simplicity, playfulness, not necessarily immaturity, but a childlike, absurd or unrealistic view. It also could be a sign to loosen up a little and bring some silliness back into your life!

Seeing yourself in an episode or drama type plot means you are really involved in your own life story, maybe too much to have control or see outside for the bigger picture. If you’re just watching the TV, this is probably highlighting themes that you are witnessing around you in your daily life.

Movies: Seeing yourself in a movie, or at the movies, tells you about the bigger picture compared to what’s on the smaller and more humble TV screen. Remember this can be just as much about who is watching the movie with you, as what you’re seeing on the screen. Who is surrounding you on your journey?

You could be the star of the movie, the comic relief or even the tragic victim. Remember: if you don’t like whom you’re playing, change your role! You don’t have to fall into the trap of being cast a certain way in reality, use it as inspiration to make the changes you want to see in your reality.

The thing about any screen is that the projector is at the back – just as you are projecting your own life, you don’t just see if before you, it starts with you! However we always look at the screen to dictate to us the bigger picture. So just remember that you have the power to change what you see before you. If your dreams are telling you about your projections, seek to create what you want to see, rather than feel you’re just watching your life go by.

Liked this one? Have a look at this article here which discusses where we see ourself mirrored in reality, other than in the bathroom mirror!


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