Uranus Retrograde from 13th July – 13th of December – watch your dreams and life throw you the unexpected!

Uranus is the planet of surprise, so when it’s retrograde, it seems to act a little more surprising, unpredictable and erratic. This means your dreams for the next six months are going to be rather explosive.

If you don’t usually dream much, you may be lucky enough to dream more. If you’re used to having nightmares, you may too get some sweet relief. Either way, surprise will be the theme!

Your dreams may show you acting out in a very unexpected manner, don’t be alarmed. Have a read of this article here to show you how to deal with yourself being out of character, and why it’s not to be taken too seriously

Either way, come share on facebook the wild dreams you’ve been having – we’re all having them!

** Mercury is also retrograde until early August. So have a look here how that will also affect your dreams! Now remember – Mercury affects anything communications and technology, so expect surprise messages, and information in unexpected ways**


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