Come dream and play like the Lion that is Leo

Come July 23rd we have just moved from our dreams natural home under the moon ruled Cancer and into Sun born Leo. So what is Leo all about? Me me me. Some more me whilst you’re at it. Leo is all about that time in the sun, or under the spotlight, so be prepared to feel center stage in your dreams this month!

ImageThe Golden Lion is also a symbol of Leo, which means your voice, your actions, will be very defined and voiced to you clearly. If you need to give yourself a talking to via your subconscious, or if someone else needs a talking to – you will get it! Themes of power, dominance, pride, appearances and loyalty are big themes here.

The fiery Leo nature means that you may feel a little burnt or revved up during your dreams – so if you have any inner fears that you are hiding from, or perhaps you seeing yourself in battle to defend yourself, look deeper as to what it is you’re really trying to protect.

Leadership and determination is also a theme – watch yourself be surprised by what actions you take, and by what really gets you going!

Another aspect that should keep your dreams entertaining you this month is the creativity that can be expressed through Leo. In other words, although the messages may come across quite strong, they can also come across in rather playful or abstract ways. Enjoy the show!

Questions to ask your dreams this month:

How should I really be expressing myself?

Is fear/loyalty holding me back?

How can I have more fun?

Where is my selfishness/pride limiting my success and happiness?

Where can I direct my passion and energy?


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