When people you know alive or passed on visit your dreams… Just what is their message?

People are here to teach us lessons in life. Although one’s messages and lessons to us can be it through direct learning, it can be someones general energy or quality that is the lesson.  The hobbies or interests you remember someone for can carry a message, be it through virtue of it showing what kind of person they are, or perhaps they could be encouraging you to take on some new form of activity. Sometimes, the time of your life or place in which you meet a person can also dictate their lesson to you.

You must remember people both alive or passed on can behave as symbols, lessons and metaphors in your dreams. Either by virtue of their character, by virtue of their actions or hobbies which carry accompanying meaning, or by the time and place in which you associate the person with.

For those still here with us: If you’re dreaming about someone who is still here, it is either because the dream is about them, or, if it seems a bit more abstract then they carry a message for you.

For those passed on: It’s always a pleasure when someone who has since left the physical plane comes to visit my dreams. I have been very fortunate to have some wonderful family in my life, which makes their passing over to the heavens and into my dreams a very pleasurable but potent experience. Those who have passed on have ascended the physical world, which means what they represent beckons an even stronger message, even if you do not feel it is their presence visiting you directly.

Sometimes the energy of a person is enough to tell you what they are representing in your dream, same goes for personality traits…

I often dream of my grandparents whom I had a close and personal relationship with. They were highly spiritual people, so their presence is always that of love and protection. This often translates to a message of being surrounded by love, protection, safety and guidance in my waking life. So I will see where they appear in my dream, which will predict what area of my life their type of presence is available to me. The same can work someone you have a more negative connotation for. Take for example the nasty work colleague – where am I feeling their negative condescending presence?

A persons’ hobbies, passions, or actions can be where their message is…

I had a dream where I was desperately trying to start what seemed like an old motorbike of mine (and since I used to own a scooter this didn’t seem like too strange but more like a welcomed challenge!) I remember saying, I can’t seem to get it started. Then my uncle who has since passed on picked it up, started her up,  and helped to get it moving for me! The reason this is special is because he often was on a motorbike working his farm, so he would be the perfect person to show me how to get back up on my bike and continue my journey! 

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You could dream about someone without their passion appearing directly in your dream – I had a dream with my favourite neighbour who was a passionate gardener. His presence was to live your passion for it’s own sake and that my home and what I am building for myself around me is precious. It was exactly the reminder I needed at the time.

Sometimes a person can represent a time of your life, or a specific kind of scenario…

If you see the person who was a nasty piece of work to you at school, probably means you’re dealing with a similar petty scenario now. Or perhaps a person you met on holiday years ago mysteriously appears again – what feeling did you bring back from that holiday? Was this person a fling? Perhaps a sign to live in the moment! Always look back to where you know a person from, and what sort of learning or experiences you had at the time.

Enjoy what people are here to teach you in both your dreams and waking life – it makes the journey all the better!


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