‘Once in a Blue Moon’ – under Neptune, this will make for some EXCITING dreams!

This next Full Moon is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune and aligned with powerful dreams! Why is it a Blue Moon?

A Blue Moon is when you have more than one full moon in any calendar month – this is the second full moon this month!

The full moon is upon us August 31st, however you will probably find the days either side will also be rather potent!

What are the themes of this full moon?

Going to the depths of consciousness and connecting to something GREATER than ourselves.

About TRUSTING in something that is greater than our current reality.

It will also connect you to your inner CREATIVE juices – make the most of it!

It could involve deep exploration of your shadow side!

Enjoy the depths of your dreams at the end of this week – feel free to share any stories on facebook!


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