Libra and your dreams – communication, repeated themes, balance and peace

We’re officially in the sign of Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd) after traveling through the introverted yet grounded plane of Virgo – So how is this going to influence your dreams?

If we look at the basic qualities of Libra, this sign represents communication as it’s an air sign, balance, and an overall sense of making peace. After traveling through Virgo which is ruled by Mercury (communications) you would be ready now to use these words of wisdom in your life. The most common affect of Libra is that of balance, fairness, learning the needs of yourself and others, and your relationships with family and close associates.

For me, I’ve been having a week or so of the same theme. My parents have been key features in each dream, sometimes both of them, and other times one on one with each. However their words and conversations with them have been very specific, and detailed. So what could this mean?

You can check my link to find out about what family members represent, but overall, I am being shown how to balance varying degrees when it comes to communication; what is too much, what is not enough, what is in the middle. The parents are acting as the medium and mediator, if you will, for a variety of areas of my life. The key is, it is showing me what needs to be balanced out in my life, and what I need to make peace with.

Similarly, a friend of mine has various dreams where communication methods have been the theme. In one, he has been incarnated as an animal exploring non-verbal communication – remember, not all communication is words.

So if you keep seeing a repetitive theme this month, look deeper into it. See what areas of your life need pulling up, levelling out, or more attention… and importantly, make peace with yourself.

You can read my article on how to ask a question before you dream here.

Here are some suggestions on what you can ask your dreams specifically this month:

How can I achieve more more balance in my life overall/in this scenario?

How can I reach a successful compromise with this person/scenario/environment?

Please reveal to me the true nature of my relationship with person ***? 

How can I resolve this scenario fairly?

Libra is represented by a solid set of scales. You really do have a grounded approach available to working through the pragmatic facts of life and your relationships with others. Feel at peace whilst you’re able to explore what will bring you sustainable balance.


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