Full Moon in Aries – Action Packed Dreams This Weekend!

The weekend period between Friday 28th until Sunday 30th of September surrounds the Full Moon in Aries. So how is this going to affect your dreams?

This one is a fiery action packed Full Moon, of course this means your dreams are going to be particularly exciting, if not a bit cataclysmic and brash! If there’s a stir that must be caused, action to be taken, words to be said, they will come out! Risks, leaps of faith, yep… you will be watching yourself go for a ride.

You may awaken to a few rude surprises or shocks. Do not be alarmed, just see the messages as your subconscious pushing to show you where changes should be made.

So, if you’re up for making the most of this energy, try focusing on asking about how to bring change to a situation before you go to bed, then see what your dreams tell you. If you want to know the truth behind someone’s’ actions, you may get the harsh but real truth now.

You could actually be given the motivation you need to take charge of a situation, or see where you are being hard done by, or where others are acting childish. Just take on board what you must, and leave the erratic behaviours and energies behind.

Happy dreaming!


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