Dreaming in Scorpio – it’s time to delve deep, to get to root of your emotions and fears. What’s really hiding in your own shadow?

With November around the corner, we’re about to lower the scales from balanced Libra, into the darker realms of Scorpio. (October 24th – November 21st.) We tend to dream quite deeply and vividly anytime we’re under a water ruled sign such as Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces. As water specifically pertains to emotions, whatever you dream will be much easier to remember, or the picture will be clearer. As for the content?

For an example, just last night I had a dream about my cat, who is miles away from me in Australia, who’s name is Shadow. He’s a beautiful grey Russian blue. In my dream though, he was grey and ginger; bit of a contrast!  This year for me in particular has been about addressing both parts of myself, the lighter side, and the shadow. Seeing how both sides of me are playing out in my reality. Seeing him half ginger was a sign that I’m working on integrating these two distinct sides of myself. As my cat is one of my guides, it’s showing that I have access to guidance to help me feel balanced as a whole person, all I need to do is ask! … More on that in a moment.

This shadow element is particularly relevant under Scorpio, as is the sign that’s all about layers and secrets. No doubt this month will unearth some buried themes and emotions you perhaps didn’t think needed addressing. This could bring up some rather sensitive issues, and you may have fears presenting themselves to you in very blunt, or perhaps passive ways. It could also show you a few positive surprises that will be appearing on the horizon soon, or could show you how a resolution for a scenario can be reached.

This would be a great time to keep pen and paper handy to write your dreams down. It is also an ideal time for you to ASK yourself questions before you sleep, those real clinchers – address your fears!

What questions to ask yourself and your dreams this month:

What am I fearing?

What is it that I cannot see in this scenario?

What am I hiding from myself?

What is yet to be revealed to me in this scenario/by this person?

You can read my article on how to ask a question before you dream here.

I would also like to point out the three animals relating to Scorpio directly because their qualities will certainly affect your dreams! First of all the Scorpion – using it’s claws to cut ties! Second, the Phoenix – rebirth, soaring up from the ashes. Lastly, the Eagle – your time to see things with a birds eye view.

Enjoy the depths of rebirth, revelations and saying goodbye to everything outdated. You’ll be glad you did!


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