Inspired Aquarian Dreams

Moving from pragmatic Capricorn into the friendly and inspired realms of Aquarius on the 20th of January means your dreams are likely to be a bit more upbeat and adventurous – yay!

Aquarians are friendly, honest and a little quirky by nature. This means that your dreams will want to show you a good time, probably laced with slightly more awkward or humorous tales to make sense of upon wakening!

Under an air sign, you’re likely to dream a lot more, and also be serking out the truth. The Aquariann perception of truth is not black and white, they also discover it through adopting a creative outlook or alternative perspectives. In other words, it’s a good month to consider alternatives. This means that now is a good time to ask questions about decisions you need to make that you perhaps do not know how to tackle.

The great thing about seeing alternatives is that it means you can let your life flow much easier – after all, Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer.

So although you may see a stream of water pouring from the jug this is not where the enlightenment is contained. The water is isolated in the jug, it is actually trying to return to the source, where the possibilities are endless and where alternatives can be found. Whilst reaching for that enlightenment and truth, know that whatever needs to come to surface, will come pouring out. Bubbling over. It may be an emotional ride!

Although rather inventive and curious, the message that comes from the Aquarian  can be rather blunt and unemotional – which can leave you feeling more emotional about something. This is great if you need an objective viewpoint on things. 

It means your dreams may leave you a little bedazzled, perhaps slightly offended by your subconscious!

You will probably also find conflicting messages and ideas – but this is normal for dreaming under any air sign, and also is showing you the dichotomy that goes on between your head and heart. This happens when you need to be presented both sides of the coin. But look at it this way, if you are able to make a decision based on your dreams see it as this – heads you win, tales you don’t lose.

Use this time to ask yourself questions about how to move ahead. Or refine those new years resolutions that aren’t quite working out for you how you would like. Or if you wish to be inspired, ask about what may really spark that creativity, or where to be inspired.

Let that imagination of yours get to work whilst you get to sleep and play!

Questions to ask yourself before you go to sleep:

How can I move beyond my current circumstances?

What is an alternative solution to this problem/scenario?

What is going to inspire me?

Show me the truth/motive/lesson of ….

What is going to make me move forward?

… surprise me!


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